Sunday, December 8, 2013

'Actions for Sustainable Biomedical Waste Management"

'Actions for Sustainable Biomedical Waste Management" “Handle the Waste Only” the very important quote read in the presentation of Almitra H Patel, Mamber of Supreme Court committee on Solid Waste Management. He has very rightly focused on waste only. Sometime mixture of waste is creating major problem rather just waste. We all aware that the biomedical waste is hazardous if not properly handle and manage. Today we are going to see the various scopes and opportunities from the management of biomedical waste management, which helps the sustainable biomedical waste management practices. There are various sporadic actions are taken at country level and each person has tried level best practices for sustainable BMW management. The first missing link is the common platform which is fulfilled by this National Conference on Urban & Biomedical Waste Management 2013. The proceedings of conference should be followed up by the special group people. Here you have opportunity to make networking in each state and at national level. There are many other issues and challenges in the BMW management. They are awareness and practices about the various aspects to various groups like doctors, nursing, laboratory people, waste handlers, rag pickers and community at large; poor capacity building support; there are more than 6 lac hospitals bad and 23, 000 PHC, thousands of register nursing homes, countless unregister nursing homes & dispensaries and huge number of quacks practicing in every corner of urban and rural area of country- they need support for BMW management; poor management of generation of very small waste which turn to huge burden, poor regulatory measures, poor green procurement policy, rage pickers and waste reuse issue, lack of committed support from top management of hospitals, poor finance for good practices of waste management, poor research support, poor society support and many more. I am looking as each as scope of opportunity. Today my main focus is on this aspect of business opportunity for Young Turk and how to make sustainable waste management practices. Prof. Dr. Niraj Pandit Professor Community Medicine, SBKS Medical Institute & research Center, Sumandeep Vidyapeeth, Piparia, Vadodara, Gujarat Email- Mobile – 09825371135

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