Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Save yourself service for you are in problem

We as Indians were deeply touched by the recent Damini case and thought that very day that we will do our part towards the situation. We pondered how what, where & when and then we came to a conclusion that we need an instant helpline service that does not need GPRS or a smart phone and can be used at a very low cost of 36 paisa a day by one and all hence was launched, We Hope this tool will empower you to inform your near and dear ones by just an SMS.
Our Objective
Our website is focused towards lending a helping hand to all women and men in distress and life endangering situations so that all can live with wisdom, dignity, courage and confidence.
Your New Best Friend
With the perfect blend of technology and service orientation we created, a TOOL that can be your friend in your tough times.
Power through Technology
Using Technology and our operators,
Register with today and feel secure.
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SaveMEE is a tool to help you in your time of need which we hope never arises
Simple Steps to be followed

1. What is

SaveMEE is a Tool which enables you to give a call on a Number which can be saved in your mobile phone directory and when you are in trouble four or more people will receive sms that you need help.

2. Why do people register on SaveMEE?

People register on as no GPRS or SMART Phone or Internet Connection or Mobile Phone Application is required to ask for help, It functions on a normal call that you make from your mobile and our system will send sms to the registered family/friends list which you have added in the registration page.

3. Why are the Numbers Verified by asking My Friends/Family to give a missed call?

Numbers are verified as per laws and to make sure that there are no Fraud Entries and automated programs using our service for spamming. Also only Verified Numbers will recieve your sms in a distress situation, So We advise you to make sure that your family/friends give a missed call on the number and that they will recieve sms in your time of need.

4. Are there any guarantees on my safety that the sms will be broadcasted?

SaveMEE is only a tool to help you in your time of need and then we have the operators who send sms. We have Tie Ups with Best in the INDUSTRY. All we are trying to do is to help you in your time of need, We are not the LAW we are just a Tool. Any delay in the SMS or call service is not our responsiblity, and we are not liable to any legal damage.

5. Why Do you Charge for the services?

Integrating and maintaining this System is expensive, But Remember SO IS YOUR WELL BEING and anyway The Charges won't harm you at all as its Just Rs.1 A day. Think about It

6. Is My data safe?

Yes. We only use your data to communicate with you for informing you of our new products/services or updates.

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