Friday, February 3, 2012

ICMR-Effect of mental health Disorder and Substance Use on Maternal and Child Health

Indian Council of Medical Research is keen to work on Effect of mental health Disorder and Substance Use on Maternal and Child Health

ICM is inviting research proposals from researchers and scientist of India to study in following areas-
1. Socio behavioral and mental health consequences of drug use/abuse among women of reproductive age group (15-49)
Changing lifestyle and behavior of women is the key in present days. The drug use/abuse is increasing trend. There is need to find out the socio behavioral pattern of women who are using/abusing the various drugs.

2. Socio behavioral and mental health consequences of alcohol use/abuse among women of reproductive age group (15-49)
3. Effect of post natal depression (PND) among young mothers - The majority of PNDs are self-limiting though, if untreated, this process of resolution may take up to 6 to 12 months. There is a "compelling body of evidence implicating PND in a range of adverse child cognitive and emotional outcomes". The detection of PND is of great public health interest not only because of its profound impact on maternal and child health but also due to the abundant evidence that simple inexpensive interventions such as non-directive counseling are of significant benefit in terms of remission of PND.
4. HIV/AIDS and common mental disorder (CMD) among women - The effect of caring for terminally ill persons on the mental health of care givers is now recognized as an important cause of CMD. There are reports that women, who are often care givers for persons with HIV/AIDS, suffer considerable mental and physical health problems as a result of care-giving and that depression, in particular, is common.
5. Effect of substance/alcohol use/abuse on fetal growth.
6. Gynecological Morbidity and Psychological Disorder.
Gynecological Morbidity and Psychological Disorder:
Gynecological symptoms, for example vaginal discharge, are among
the most commonly cited health problems in women in developing countries. Although
much earlier research assumed this symptom to be indicative of reproductive tract
infections, recent studies (particularly from South Asia) show considerable discordance
between symptoms and actual disease. Depression typically presents in the form of
medically unexplained physical symptoms. Rates of depression are high in women
attending gynecological clinics and qualitative studies demonstrate a strong relationship
between vaginal discharge, weakness, psychosomatic symptoms and psychosocial stress.
Part of the etiology of ‘medically unexplained’ vaginal discharge may be that it is a somatic idiom for depression and psychosocial distress.
The proposal(s) should be submitted to Head (RHN), Indian
Council of Medical Research, V. Ramalingaswamy Bhawan, Ansari
Nagar, New Delhi-110092.
Soft copy should be forwarded to
Dr. K.K.Ganguly.
Scientist E’,
Division of RHN,
ICMR Ansari Nagar,
New Delhi -110029
Please write Call for Ad-hoc Research Proposal on “Effect of mental health
Disorder and Substance Use on Maternal and Child Health” in subject line
and send the proposal as an attachment. The proposals will be peer reviewed
and will have to be presented by PI /discussed during meeting of Expert
Group. Approved research proposals would be supported by the Council for
funding, subject to the availability of funds. The proposal should be submitted
in ICMR ad-hoc project format which can be downloaded along with the terms
and condition for submitting the research proposal for funding from ICMR
The last date of submitting the research proposal is up to 29thFebruary,

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