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World DM Day take care of your and your friends with this write up of Dr Rajesh Mehta

General Instruction for Diabetes
Author – Dr Rajesh Mehta
1. Get Regular Screening
Get an annual fasting blood glucose test and Glycosylated Hb.
2. Exercise
A brisk half hour walk 5 days per week can be enough to help improve insulin sensitivity.
3. Weight Control, With Reasonable Goals
Strive to stay at your own lowest sustainable weight, even if that is above what the charts say you should be. It is better to aim for a smaller weight loss and be able to keep that weight off than aim for an unrealistically low number, which could cause a "rebound" effect.
4. Consider Home Blood Glucose Testing in a group of 20 to 30 diabetes patients. Additional help by urine sugar testing can be taken to avoid multiple pricks. This requires to prepare urine & blood sugar chart together for individual.
5. Reduction of Refined & Simple Carbohydrates like sugar , Refined wheat flour, Jaggery , sweets , ice cream etc.
6. Choose whole grains and whole grain products over highly processed carbohydrates. Also avoid dehusked dals.
The bran and fiber in whole grains make it more difficult for digestive enzymes to break down the starches into glucose. This leads to lower, slower increases in blood sugar and insulin, and a lower glycemic index. As a result, they stress the body's insulin-making machinery less, and so may help control of blood sugar. Whole grains are also rich in essential vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals that may help reduce the risk of complication of diabetes.
7. Skip the sugary drinks and soft drinks.
Like refined grains, sugary beverages have a high glycemic load, and drinking more of this sugary stuff is associated with increased risk of diabetes.
8. Choose good fats.
The types of fats in your diet can also affect the development of diabetes. Good fats, such as the polyunsaturated fats found in liquid vegetable oils, nuts, and seeds is better to prevent complications of diabetes. Trans fats do just the opposite. These bad fats are found in many margarines, packaged baked goods, fried foods in most fast-food restaurants, and any product that lists "partially hydrogenated vegetable oil" on the label.
( For essential fatty acids : Use ground nut oil ( in summer ) , Gingly ( Til ) seed oil and/ or Sarsav oil ( In winter ) Do not use cotton seed oil. Saffola & sun flower oil may be used in small quantity.)

9. Avoid market food & try to adopt home based food.
10. Try to identify hypoglycemia by the symptoms such as
• hunger
• shakiness
• nervousness
• sweating
• dizziness or light-headedness
• sleepiness
• confusion
• difficulty speaking
• anxiety
• weakness
Hypoglycemia can also happen during sleep. Some signs of hypoglycemia during sleep include
• crying out
• finding pajamas or sheets damp from perspiration
• feeling tired, irritable, or confused after waking up
Keep rice flakes ( Pauha) and/or 1 tsf sugar in purse to treat hypoglycemia immediately.
11. Barley ( Jav – Jau ) is preferred over wheat when possible.
12. Keep identity card along with emergency contact number of doctors & relatives. Also save important number of relative under “ICE” in your mobile phone. Additional numbers can be kept under “ICE1”, “ICE2” etc.
13. Law calorie fruits like Papaya , Pomegranate , Apple , Amla , Green coconut , Orange etc should be taken daily & it can be taken between meals & break fast to avoid hunger.
14. Some home remedies & Ayurved treatment to be tried to control diabetes.
( May be used as adjuvant & not as replacement to anti diabetic drugs.)

Fenugreek seeds ( Methi ) 2 to 3 tsf to be soaked in water at night & to be taken in morning. ( daily till diabetes is under control and 2- 3 times a week there after. Methi is supposed to be hot & may be avoided in summer.)
Mamejava Ghanvati of good quality Ayurved company. 2 tablets 2 to 3 times a day depending upon blood sugar level.
Coarse powder of coriander seeds ( Dhania ) & cumin seeds 2 to 3 tsf daily .
Equal proportion of leaves of Bili ( 6 ) , Tulsi (20) & Brahmi ( 20 ) once or twice daily will be help ful for over all health.
Rasayan churn ( Galo , Gokhru & Amla ) half tsf daily in morning or at 3 pm will be helpful for vitality & to get freedom from fatigue.

15. Vitamin D suppliments may be required.
For vitamin D : Calcirol sachet to be divided into 8 parts & each part to be taken on Sunday with one calcium tablet for 8 Sundays.

For Vitamin C : Amla , Guava , Sprouted green grams , cabbage
16. Mental relaxation :
It is very important to do the analysis of situation & to take steps in such a way so that it does not irritate self. Repeated stress, tension etc leads to adrenaline surge & this will in turn lead to increase glucose level & all efforts to control glucose level will be made ineffective. So the mediation, yogasan, pranayam, regularity in life, adequate & sound sleep , use of rosary for chanting of mantra etc are very useful. Subduing ego and not to get guided by what others will feel about our healthy behavior is important.
17. Avoid use of cold water of refrigerator for drinking.
18. Always have a smile on face ( At least on an average once in a session of 2-3 hrs.)
19. Following dietary chart may be used for daily food intake.
One should remember to chew the food properly in small bites & should take at least 20 minutes for meal and 10 minutes for breakfast. One should enjoy food.
Diet chart for person having diabetes
Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
( 8 AM) Sprouted green gram, Pomegranate Bottle gourd soup Boiled green gram Khandvi Boiled Bengal gram Sprouted green gram pudla from green gram dal
(12 to 1 PM) Barley's Chapati, Parwar, Moth beans Chapati, Bottle gourd, Bengal gram dal Barley's Chapati ,Amaranth green gram dal, rice chapati, kankoda, red gram dal Barley's chapati, cabbage, green gram dal chapati, kankoda, black gram dal Barley's chapati, Spinach, red gram dal, rice
Salad with Lunch Cucumber Cabbage Beetroot Tindora Carrot Ridge gourd Tomato
(4 to 5 PM) Mamara with minimum oil, Papaya Khakhra (minimum ghee), Orange Bottle gourd soup, Sweet lime Sprouted green gram (masala), green coconut Popcorn, pomegranate Roasted Bengal gram & groundnut (10 gram), Apple Khakhara, peach/pear
(7 to 8 pm) Vege.thuli or Vege.cutlet Khichdi, Ridge gourd Masala paratha from green gram or veg. pudla Bhaidku or Bottle gourd muthia Khichadi, spinach veg. handvo or Uttapam Bhaidku or dhokla from green gram dal

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