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Report on International Conference on Themes of Higher Education: Prospects of Gujarat

The International Conference on Themes of Higher Education: Prospects of Gujarat was organized by Knowledge Consortium of Gujarat, Department of Education, Government of Gujarat on 25th and 26th November 2010 at Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University, Gandhinagar.

The conference was inaugurated by Honorable Chief Minister Mr. Narendra Modi. Along with him minister of education and minister of higher education of Government of Gujarat were present. In the inaugural speech Mr. Narendra Modi told the learned gathering that the aim of conference is that the government wants the inputs from various experience professors and teachers for future development of higher education in Gujarat. Gujarat government wants innovation in higher education so that students develop life skill during graduation and post graduation. The pattern of education is changed over a period form Vedas to Web but still I feel something missing. We want to give back to our society and world community. And he assured the gathering that during these two days whatever good suggestions the learned community will do to the government, the Gujarat government will implement.
It was the great motivation in the beginning of the conference. Then after series of sessions on various topics were conducted.
First session was on Higher education in the era of Globalization
In this session various speakers form India and international were delivered their thoughts on various aspects of higher education in era of globalization. The crux of the discussion was the ‘Tattva and Tantra’ means the education lost its tract and more going towards materialistic output (number of educated graduate) and not measuring the quality of the education (learning means Tattva). But still the question of path to higher education in globalization is still not clear.
Second session was on Value oriented education in Higher education
In this session, various speakers tried to put various aspects of values to be incorporated in education. Porf Sitanshu, Former VC of Saurastra University has quoted good example of Swami Vivekanand in relation to value. The students should develop strong physical health as Swamijee has, good mental control, intellectuality and spiritual aspect like Swamijee. This is the best example of value in higher education.
Third and fourth sessions were on Restructuring higher education.
The various speakers have tried to explain various needs of restructuring of higher education. The present structure of higher education has less flexibility, for example the commerce student wants to study medical science, its not possible in present scenario. The various speakers have asked to make flexibility in structure. The innovations like duel degree system were discussed.
The last two sessions were on Redesigning curricula in Higher Education.
Like structure changes, the various speakers have shown the need of changes in curricula. Without change in curricula and pattern of teaching one can not achieve desirable changes. Mrs Jayanti Ravi, Secretary and Commissioner of Higher education shared the various initiatives of Government of Gujarat in Higher education in Gujarat. The one of such is the credit base education system. She told that by next year all universities of Gujarat will incorporate this in higher education.
Thus the conference is the feed for faculty to think globally and act locally

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