Sunday, October 3, 2010

Commonwealth Academic staff fellowship 2011

Commonwealth Academic staff fellowship 2011
The Commonwealth Scholarship Commission, UK has announced academic scholarship for staff for year 2011. These fellowships are available for all discipline including Medicine and Dentistry. The fellowship programme is for specific programme like academic collaboration, skill updatation, networking to enhance teaching capabilities and research capabilities and these are not limited areas. It is expected that the programme should be closely related to academic work and an individual will return to his/her home country on completion of fellowship and work in home country. This fellowship is not for getting higher degree or pure research project.
Candidate should be Indian citizen. He/she mush hold degree in the field before 1st Oct 2001. He/she should have atleast fie year experience as university teacher.
Duration of fellowship is six months.
The application form can be downloaded from and fill and six copies should be submitted to UGC duly signed by Vice-chancellor in case of university/ college and executive head in case institution along with office seal and all required documents. It should be submitted before 15th of Oct 2010.
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