Friday, September 17, 2010

Small Grants for World Pneumonia Day Advocacy

The International Vaccine Access Center (IVAC) at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health announces the Small Grants for World Pneumonia Day Advocacy program. The program is designed to help support advocacy activities to commemorate the second annual World Pneumonia Day (WPD) on November 12, 2010; it builds on a similar program implemented in 2009 for the first-ever WPD.

IVAC-funded small grants activities will be part of a community of events expected to happen worldwide around WPD in November this year. A global coalition of organizations committed to fighting pneumonia (see for complete list of members) are planning pneumonia-related events around the world to focus governments, donors and the media on the burden of pneumonia, and to build support for the implementation of policies to prevent and treat pneumonia

Objectives of the small grants program are:

• To increase the visibility of pneumonia as a major cause of child deaths among key stakeholders, in particular, among policy makers, health officials, media, governments, donors and the general public

• To build a base of support for champions of increased prioritization, funding and implementation of policies to prevent and treat pneumonia

• To support activities that generate information useful in guiding local policies and action on pneumonia control

Possible Advocacy Activities:
- Engaging policymakers
- Targeting faith-based organizations
- Targeting high-profile organizations and/or personalities/celebrities
- Media campaigns
- Scientific workshops/Conferences/ Journalist trainings
- Marches/Runs/Other Public Events
- Public education campaigns
- Materials development
- Data generation
- Resource mobilization

Who can apply for a grant?
Eligibility to apply is dependent on an individual’s or group’s current affiliation with one of the following institutions:
- Non-profit organizations (pediatric associations, advocacy groups, civil society organizations, faith-based organizations, child survival and maternal and child health groups, women’s organizations, etc)

- Academic institutions (universities, colleges)

- Technical institutions (hospitals, clinics)

List of eligibility criteria:
- Principal applicant must be based in a low- income country (defined as GNI per capita


beatrice vanaja said...

Can u please provide the link to the grant application?

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smita said...

Where do we apply for the Grant ...we are working in tribal area of Gujarat, India....Deepak Foundation