Friday, April 30, 2010

Voting for National level forum or Association

Again back on issue, I have received few mails with problems of faculties. The majority of problems are known to all of us like salary, reliving order, harassment by management, harassment by MCI inspector, welfare of faculties, UG medical education and more.
I am really impressed by people raised issue. I feel from bottom of heart that there is need of some formal or informal association for Teacher’s right and for welfare of Medical fraternity.
Repeatedly on medical education group, I am reading issue of paper publication. The MCI has made amendment on the issue and made compulsory paper publication with many ambiguity. Nothing was clear on that amendment. What type of journal will considered? What about first and other authorship? What about Indexed and non-indexed journal? What about article and other type of publication? What about book publication? And many more. I have just tried to search that how this idea of research came in mind of MCI? I searched web page of MCI for minutes of meeting of that amendment. But I could not find any where on web, If anybody has please share. I also tried to understand about the process of amendment. How the regulation can change? I found that there are various subcommittees of MCI on web of MCI. My one senior teacher said that these committee recommend the issue and that pass in GBM and than that matter goes on floor of Parliament and publish in Gazette and it become rule.
But any member knows about who put need of research in front of this committee? I am assuming ICMR which is apex body on research must play important role for such innovative and great idea.
I want to know the actual process. Please any member of group or faculty knows the process of amendment please share. Also can we ask clarification to MCI or Government about research issue? Many time it is not time to individual for all these. Do learned member feel need of joint voice for such issue?
Please think and I have put voting on need of Association on my blog please vote and give strong hand to our unity.

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