Monday, April 26, 2010

update on Indian Medical Teachers Association _IMTA

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Review on comments received:
Dear learned friends
Thank you very much for various comments. I am really happy to see the various aspects of issue. The salient points come out of brainstorming are as below:
1. There is an International Association of Medical colleges ( as Dr. Syed Z. Rahman mentioned in his mail. How many Indian medical colleges are the members of this association? Can anybody give more details on this issue?
2. Dr Patil mentioned about Association of American Medical Colleges and web page and I have visited Association of Canadian medical faculty’s web page do visit site. You will get idea about what role they are playing in respective country.
3. Out of total responses, I am not getting the clear need. But it is definitely need of hour either in form of association or in form of informal forum like what MEU group is working.
4. Dr. Niravan and some other said that there is existence of National forum of teachers association or some other state level association. But I don’t think at present they are functioning. In our state Gujarat, there is a Gujarat Medical Teacher’s Association. But it is only active when new pay commission comes. This is also mainly of Government medical college teachers. There is no role of private medical college teachers in this association. Similar situation for other state, I can guess. (more inputs required)
5. Dr. Rita madam has given good input by informing about South East Asian regional association for medical education. It is good that Dr. Chacko and Madam are the member of EC. But I think as we have highest medical colleges in India and first conference is organizing by Indonesian people. We have numbers but we failed to unit and make number to power. In write up of madam, I strong feel need of association.
6. Some personal comments came to me and they don’t want to publish so I am giving inputs without naming. One senior madam said that our MCI is itself is the association and we can put our needs to MCI. I don’t think so, our MCI is the regulatory body. It is not for the teachers or administrator or Government. I never heard MCI helped any teachers. The people sitting in MCI are making good rules and regulation. I am giving good example. Few years back we heard Government is going to make compulsory rural internship of one year before postgraduate admission. But before it implemented MCI has cut shot Rural internship from 3 months to 2 months in recent regulation. Even I heard that they are going to eliminate teaching of community medicine from first year. We understand role of MCI.
7. MEU of medical colleges can act as Association. This is feeling of my respected madam. I do agree if we can make and stream line them. It is good task.

Looking to all above comments I do agree that question of association can be thought later or sooner. I have posted query on 21st April and today on 26th I am compiling. Out of more than 1000 members, only few had reply and gave inputs. I request to dr. Sanjay that can we make first opinion poll on our group to find out is there any need of association or not? With compulsory voting? If feasible than only!!!
Second I am asking one question to all medical teachers that do you feel any issue in your career, which asked support from anybody? Do you have any issues against your college administrator, MCI, Government or any other person? Please mail me. I am just trying to compile various issues of our teachers. If you post issues we can have some guide for our unity. But if you not post, the discussion will end here only. This is the issue of our survival.
Waiting for reply.

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Dr. Syed Ziaur Rahman said...

Dear Dr. Niraj Pandit

Its a great and commendable work. I appreciate that you have nicely compiled the on-going discussion at NCME 2007 and have made a separate blog on Medical Teacher Association. It will be good if you please correct the names of the IAOMC. It is 'International Association of Medical Colleges (not college). Similarly, the web address is (not You can also correct the spelling of my name as Dr. Syed Z. Rahman (not dr .Rehman).

With best wishes and regards,
Syed Ziaur Rahman
Sydney, Australia