Thursday, February 19, 2015

Research leadership in medical college - research cell

Plan of action –
Research leadership in medical college –
 This is the best time to start Research Cell in each medical college like Medical Education Unit. This leadership needs to develop and monitor at state level, regional level and national level. The functions and activities of the research cell are
1. Regular training and capacity building of all the faculties for research and ethical issue
 2. Research Development Committee under research cell who can brainstorm every year various topics for research and percolate to each department so there is no difficulty in searching topics for the thesis in department.
3. Fully functional laboratory to measure all chemical levels in blood including drug assay study in central laboratory. With department of pharmacy we can plan animal trial for drugs.
4. Multidisciplinary Research Unit (MRU) under Research cell where all different disciplines come closer and work together for research. Collaborative research and multicentric research
5. ICMR is giving extra-mural grant support for any research work. Research Development Committee can plan the capacity building workshops for faculties and apply for grant support. Research proposal writing workshops can plan and do regular follow up for applying grant for research.
6. Active Researcher will be identified and special incentive form the research cell for doing research.
 7. Like Pre-PhD, if feasible incorporate the one section on research methodology in paper -1 of all postgraduate exams.
 8. Institute can think to do consultancy on research to external bodies live government and private.

Structure for developing Research Cell National level -One committee at national level in MCI
Zonal level - There are four zonal committees to look after the state level activities
State level -Each state has on state level research development committee with all representatives of medical college research cell.
 Medical College level -Each medical collage has one research cell with full structure like department of research. With support staff and various faculties on rotation.
 There should fix tenure for various post in rotation
Developing Research Agenda -
In the beginning of the year the national committee meets and gives the core area of research for the year short term and long term for all departments. The committee will take interest of country with focus on drugs, national programme, policy, forecasting, human resource development, innovation and other interest area. They will send this agenda to all zonal level committee. Zonal level will think according their priority and send to state level committee. State level committee will focus their priority and send to each medical college. So the medical colleges have list ready before new postgraduate batch enter for admission. So they can think over topics easily. Various muticetric studies also can be plan and get outcome research where the government require data and inputs.

The report is prepared by Dr. Niraj Pandit and views and comments are his personal.

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