Friday, March 1, 2013

Grant-In support from National Book Trust of India for promotaion of Books

financial assistance will be provided to the organizations for any one or more of the following purposes:
(a) To orgainse seminars of Indian Authors/Publishers/Booksellers on subjects which have direct bearing on book promotion in India.
(b) To organize training courses on a subject directly related to book promotion.
(c) To organize Annual Conventions/Conferences of Writers/Publishers/ Printers/Booksellers.
(d) To conduct research/survey connected with book industry.
(e) Any other activity which may be found conducive to the development of book
industry, etc.

Voluntary organizations of writers, publishers and booksellers and others engaged in the book promotional activities which are registered under the Societies Registration Act 1860 (Act of 21 of 1860).

This is very good opportunity for NGOs who are publishing the books and key areas. All the eligible NGO should submit proposal. We are ready to help the NGO who want help.
The Procedure is as follow -
All applications with full details should be submitted to:
 The Director
 National Book Trust, India
 Nehru Bhawan 5, institutional Area
 Vasant Kunj, Phase-II
 New Delhi-110070

Each application should inter-alia contain the following information:
 (i) A brief description of the objective and activities of the organisation.
(ii) Whether the organization is registered one or affiliated to any other
organization. In case the organization is affiliated, the application need to be routed through the affiliating body.
(iii) The constitution of the Board of Management
(iv) The latest annual report.
(v) A copy of the audited accounts of the organization for the previous financial year together with a copy of the last Balance Sheet.
(vi) A statement of grants received so far from the State Government/Central Government or other bodies indicating in each case:
(a) The purpose for which the grant was obtained.
(b) How it was utilized.
(c) Progress made for which assistance was given and
(d) Whether all conditions to previous assistance were duly observed.
(vii) An undertaking that once the estimates of expenditure are approved as reasonable and the grant assessed on the basis of these estimates, they shall not be modified by the organisation without prior approval of the Trust.
(viii) Full justification with details will be necessary for the estimates of expenditure.

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