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4th EdelGive Social Innovation Honours 2012

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4th EdelGive Social Innovation Honours 2012

About EdelGive Foundation
EdelGive Foundation is an initiative of Edelweiss Financial Services Ltd., one of India’s leading financial services firms. It provides strategic direction to the philanthropic activities of Edelweiss, its employees, clients and associates.
Its key priority is to focus on the areas of education, livelihoods and supporting women’s empowerment. It achieves this by bringing an investment banking and venture capital approach to the social sector. By using the human, financial and intellectual resources from its parent company, Edelweiss, it seeks to enrich and broaden the impact of entrepreneurial activities of non-profits in India.

4th EdelGive Social Innovation Honours 2012
The 4th EdelGive Social Innovation Honours 2012, is a national awards programme instituted by the EdelGive Foundation, to reward innovative work in the social sector in India.
The objective for the EdelGive Social Innovation Honours is to identify and reward organisations that are innovating to empower women in India.
In India statistics continue to highlight the ways women and girls remain marginalised and disempowered:
• Over 50% of girls in India still fail to enroll in schools In rural areas,
• 1 in 7 is married before the age of 13
• Lack of access to maternal health care in India still claims the lives of 1 in 70 women
• Female labourers get paid only 40 to 60 per cent of wages compared to a male labourer
Such figures reveal a pressing need for progress, and that’s why we choose to focus on funding and showcasing for innovative work that helps to empower women in five four different categories: Education, Health and Well-Being, Livelihoods and Rights and Representation.

Honours Vision
Edelweiss Group launched a national awards programme in 2008, managed by EdelGive Foundation, with a vision to recognize, promote and support outstanding innovations that are catalysing positive social change across India.
Through the awards we seek to raise awareness of issues surrounding girl children, support organisations working on innovative projects and promote sharing and learning of these ideas amongst the private and public sectors.

What are we looking for?
We are looking for organizations that have
• Innovated either in idea and/or action to impact the lives of women in India
• Direct social impact and
• Sustainability of the innovation
Award Categories
• Health and well being: Awarding an innovation which promotes women’s health and overall well-being
• Education: Awarding an innovation which provides women with access to education and/or improved quality of education
• Economic Security & Livelihoods: Awarding an innovation which helps women increase their income, and / or provides them with employment opportunities
• Rights and Representation: Awarding an innovation which helps women overcome social and cultural challenges and also those which empower women to participate in available legislative positions

You are eligible to apply in the corresponding categories if you work on the above issues.
Applicants applying for the Awards should satisfy the following criteria:
• The Applicant should not be barred from conducting any activities by any court of India.
• The Applicant should not propagate political or religious doctrines.
• The Applicant should be a registered organization in India, under the Trusts, Societies, or u/s 25 of the Companies Act.
• The previous three years’ winners and runners-up will not be able to participate in the award process.

The Awards will follow the following timelines:
Process Date
Call for Application across India August 8, 2011
Deadline for receiving Application Forms September 23, 2011
Announcement of Short Listed Entities(SLEs) October 12, 2011
Announcement of Nominees for the final jury round December 8, 2011
Final jury round January 18, 2012
Determination of Winners in an event January 19, 2012

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