Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Healthy tips on this new Financial year

Go for Healthy life style

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Stick to balanced diet of traditional Indian food with less fatty content,less starch, avoid high omega 6 oils and products and maintain a healthy ratio of Omega 6:omega 3 as 3-5 :1 and eat complex starches like colorful vegetables.
Take unprocessed foods as much as possible and eat close to natural state of food items.Avoid sugars

Drink good amount of water and avoid coffee.Drink water and eat food in siting position

Take less salt avoid processd foods and junk food.

Do aerobic exercises like brisk walking cycling and swimming and floor dances for 15-20 minutes=4-5 days a week

Do muscle stretch out exercises 10 minutes 4-5 days a week

Do paranayam exercise for breathing for 10 minutes daily

Do meditation to reduce stress

Eat fibre food.It is important to avoid colon cancer and prostate cancers in men.

Women may prefer to avoid bras and specially tight bras for longer periods in a day as it may lead to breast cancer.

You most likey wont need to pop in diabetes and heart problem tablets.

Live close to nature and Indian life style

Feel good- do good- be good

Golden rule:Unles toxins flow out with your sweat and tears spill out for pain of others, one cant live healthy life.

Man's body was never made for type of food,pesticide and medicines that we consume today.Be cautious to take so called organic and genetically modifoed food.It may prove slow poision to your body

All the best
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Isued in public interest. Note: Please cosult your doctor before emabarking on significant lifestyle change and your regualar diet.

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