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Funds for disability area, for people with disability run NGO

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The ABILIS Foundation, a development fund which was founded in Finland. It supports the empowerment of people with disabilities in developing countries like India and other. The Foundation supports activities that contribute for:
• Equal opportunities for people with disabilities in society through human rights
• Independent living
• Economic self-sufficiency
• Special priority is given to projects advocating for human rights of people with disabilities and to activities developed and implemented by women with disabilities.
Grant amount:
The fund offers from €500 to €10,000 (Approx Rs 30,000 to Rs 6, 00,000). The fund is especially for projects initiated by organizations that are run by persons who have a disability and projects related to mobility, vision, hearing, or any other type of disability. Organizations which are run by parents of children with disabilities can also apply.
In order to be eligible for support, organizations must have a certificate of registration and be based in a country defined as qualifying for Official Development Assistance.
Organizations based in India, Bangladesh, Uganda, Kazakhstan, Tanzania, and Ethiopia should contact ABILIS partner organizations for an application form. Visit web for list of partner organizations.
Abilis application forms are available from the office of the partner organizations mentioned countries. They will guide and make easy to apply for applicant organizations. They help to make successful application. The staff is ready to help you.
After discussing your project proposal with you and offering you advice, they will send your application directly to us.
For India, please contact:
Mobility India MI
Bangalore India
Mobility India was set up in Bangalore, South India, in 1994 to enable organized work in the field of mobility appliances and to bring about social change. Its vision is an inclusive society where people with disabilities have equal rights and a good quality of life. A good quality of life includes:
• Adequate food, water, shelter and clothing
• An income for basic needs
• Good health care
• Access to education, recreation and sports
Given this objective Mobility India has adopted a six pronged strategy to address the need of persons with disabilities in India and other low-income countries. Its central focus is on equipping individuals and groups of disabled persons with knowledge and skills to enable them to be functional and productive for day to day living.
a. Training of prosthetic and orthotic technicians and rehabilitation assistants
b. Rehabilitation services
c. Community based rehabilitation (CBR)
d. Partner support
e. Research and development
f. Production of low cost light weight aids and appliances
Mobility India MI
Mailing Address:
Post Box 7812, Bangalore - 560 078
Visiting Address:
1st &1st ‘A' Cross J.P.Nagar 2nd Phase
Bangalore - 560 078
Phone: +91-80-26492222 / 26597337 / 26491386 - Ext-9
Telefax : +91-80-26494444 Ext. - 110
Abilis Facilitator
Ms. Jaya

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