Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Happy New Year 2011

2010 is over and tomorrow the sun raises with new hope in new year. When I was kid, we were playing with friends and telling on eve of 31st that I will sleep one year and tomorrow I will get up in new year. And we got laugh and enjoying. They were the great days. Now same thing is happening with my kids. They are enjoying.
So what is life? I am always telling to myself that the simple meaning of life is happiness and joy. Enjoy each moment with joy like kids enjoying. As adult, I feel that due to our ego we can not even expressing our emotion. We like to suppress out expression of emotion like open hearted laugh, cry, gratitude and other. This is the main cause of today’s epidemic of psychosomatic diseases. As community physician, I request to my circle please give gift to me for this new year. I am asking gift to you. I am little shameless person in this regard. What is my gift?
My gift is that do express your emotion on time. If you feel laugh, do laugh, feel to cry, do cry, feel to hug your lovable, do with gratitude and don’t stop yourself. Spare some time in a day with kids (yours or any other kids) and play with them. And last gift is cultivate your hobby. I am just recalling my kid days and college days. I have dreamed to good photographer. I like to capture various angles of nature and emotion. But I forgot in last one decade in hectic professional life. But now I have started to cultivate again. I like to share one good experience of my friend.
My friend Mr. X, he was good singer in his young days. He was singing various gujarati and hindi songs on stage in collage days and had love to music. Bus as he entered in professional life and family life he forgot to sing and music. Within two decade, means at forty, he looks elderly and got hypertension, hair become gray with arthritis. He is literate and having good analytic mind. He thought that is this is the my situation at forty, what will be in sixty? One day he decided something. What is that something? Very interesting my dear friend, he decided to cultivate his hobby of singing. And his wife has supported. In next six months he again looks young energetic personality and happy.
Its great story, is it? I want gift form my friends and lovable that do cultivate one hobby in this year.
Happy New Year and Happy New Hobby Year 2011

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Harsh said...


this is my gift to you.. hope you fine sir..happy new year to you n your family..