Thursday, July 8, 2010

Vibrant Gujarat 11: Curtain raiser

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The government of Gujarat has started new trend in investment, opportunity and festive session. The Uttrayan 14th of January every year Guajarati people is enjoying as Kite festival which is unique and really great festive. You ask any Gujarati about this Kite festival, he will like to talk lot many events and incidences and hiss face will look like full of energy. That’s the spirit of Gujarat and Gujarati.
The CM of Gujarat Mr. Narendra Modi has put the festival at international level and we must thank him for same. Every two year Gujarat is taking this festival for investor meet opportunity. The year 2011 is the fifth summit for Global Investors. There are many pro and cons of the summit. But if we look on positive side the Gujarat is now on international platform. There are lots of activities and opportunities are there in Gujarat.
The coming meet is going to mega as DNA has reported it as “Davos in Action’ because first time there will be participation from other state and many business associations and organizations. The summit will be on 12-13 January 2011. The venue is also this time unique the Mahatma Mandir, you must know Gujarat is building Mahatma Mandir (temple of Mahtma Gandhi) in Gandhinagar. The theme of summit is “Beyond Business”.
This is the primary information about summit. My issue here is that do you think such global summit help to develop business? Second point what are the opportunities in medical field in such business meet? Please comment
Dr. Niraj

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