Thursday, October 22, 2009

CHNRI: International Essay Contest 2009

"From Research to Evidence-based Policy”
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The Child Health and Nutrition Research Initiative (CHNRI) is pleased to announce the CHNRI International Essay Contest 2009. It is CHNRI’s mandate to advocate research programmes directed at addressing the conditions responsible for the most important diseases suffered by children, especially in developing countries, where the major burden of disease remains. In particular, CHNRI aims to influence policy decisions and program development to fast track the adoption of cost-effective and sustainable solutions.

The CHNRI International Essay Contest 2009 has been conceived to showcase examples of research that had an impact on policymakers, donors or relevant stakeholders to implement evidence informed policy or to allocate more funds for research focused on key issues that affect child health and nutrition. The contest is focused on examples of policies oriented to improve child health and nutrition that are based on research findings. CHNRI is looking for the best examples of how research has been translated into policy that improved the child health and/or nutrition status at national, regional, or global level within the past 20 years. Interested participants should provide a specific example of how the evidence was generated to help establish, modify or implement a policy, based on research. The essay should describe the context in which the described case took place, which may include the history of the institution, and provide a substantiated and specific example of how research results influenced policy-making as well as program development.
Rules and guidelines
Eligible papers may be submitted by any researcher working in the field of child health and nutrition research.
Each applicant can submit only one essay.
The essay must not have been published previously.
The essay should be in English of a maximum of 2,000 words and an abstract of maximum 300 words.
Each essay should have adequate references.
Entries will be judged on originality, expression of ideas, presentation, and understanding of the research environment, and be evaluated by an evaluating committee of experts via blind review.
Submission must include a cover sheet with the applicant’s name, date of birth, institutional affiliation, official designation i.e. title (if any), mailing address, e-mail address, phone and fax numbers.
Entries must be submitted in an electronic format to Dr. Tanvir M. Huda, Coordinator, CHNRI Secretariat:
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The last date for acceptance of electronic applications is December 11, 2009.
The winners will be notified by end of December 2009.
The 12 most outstanding essays will be published in an anthology and the authors will be featured on the CHNRI's official website throughout the year.
The best 5 essay winners will receive cash prizes of US$1000 each.
The first prize winner, in addition to cash prize, will receive financial support for presenting his/her paper at a relevant international academic conference. Grant assistance from CHNRI will be subject to acceptance of the paper in the conference.
More information on the contest
The Child Health and Nutrition Research Initiative (CHNRI) website

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