Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Role and Scope of MSW in Health and Medical

Today onward I would like to start discussion and inputs on various scope of various students in health field. I like to take first about Master of Social Work. Please take active participation in discussion and make fruitful to students and faculties of department.

Medical social work is a sub-discipline of social work. It is the application and adoption of the methods and philosophy of social work in the field of health and medical care. It is also defined as the branch of social work dealing with the social, physical and psychological aspects of patients. It is the branch that uses the relevant social skills and knowledge to help the patients.
Medical social workers typically work in a hospital, skilled nursing facility or hospice, have a graduate degree in the field (Master’s degree in social work, MSW or MSSW), and work with patients and their families in need of psychosocial help. Medical social workers assess the psychosocial functioning of patients and families and intervene as necessary. Interventions may include connecting patients and families to necessary resources and supports in the community; providing psychotherapy, supportive counseling, or grief counseling; or helping a patient to expand and strengthen their network of social supports. Medical social workers typically work in an interdisciplinary team with professionals of other disciplines (such as medicine, nursing, physical, occupational, speech and recreational therapy, etc.). Medical social workers are dedicated to assisting the patients and families who are in need of help. (Book on sociology and health for physiotherapist page 196)

The author has tried to describe the emerging trend for MSW students. Master of social work is becoming synonym with Medical Social Work. It really interested. The university is giving degree of Master of Social work. But now next to industry, there is very big demand of MSW in Medical and Health field.
Now there is questions which need to target?
1. Why is the increasing demand of MSW in Health and Medical Field?
2. What are the different roles MSW play in this field?
3. What should they learn while they are in college or on project?
4. What should be their salary structure in field?
5. What further specialization can be done in field?
6. Are we copying the western world? Do we have our own model of health care?

I request people to give answer to all such questions. We like to make discussion interactive.

Note: The Book ‘Sociology and health for Physiotherapist’ is available on all medical book store and publisher is B. I Publication NewDelhi.

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