Saturday, May 23, 2009

Vacancy in Gujarat for IMNCI consultant

There are vacancies for six post of Regional Child Survival officer in Gujarat. For IMNCI coordination and strentheninig services.
Qualification is MD Ped or MD PSM or MBBS with MPH with good experiance
IMNCI training is desirable
Renumeration 60000 Rs per month
Send Your cv with documents
Additional Director (FW)
Commissionerate of Health
Medical Service and Medical Education
Block 5/2
Dr. Jivraj Mehta Bhavan
Gandhinagar 382010
In 15 days

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Dr. Shib Sekhar said...

To whom should we send our CV for the post of IMNCI consultant. Plz inform at

Dr. Abhijit Boratne said...

Should i supposed to contact to Additional Director?
can I get any email contact to send my CV?
Plz inform at

ડો.મૌલિક શાહ said...

not described is the place of work,kind of work,etc.

Dr.Ashish Gamit said...

there are 6 regions namely ahmedabad, gandhinagar, vadodara, surat, rajkot, surendranagar(?), they have not at all mentioned about the type of job and place of work.