Tuesday, March 10, 2009

"Innovating for the health of all" an Essay competition

For the fourth time, the Global Forum and The Lancet invite young
researchers and leaders of tomorrow to submit an essay to the popular
competition "Young Voices in Research for Health": Innovating for the health
of all.

The deadline for receipt of entries is 3 May 2009.
Who can participate?
If you are a young professional (under 30) working on or interested in the
broad spectrum of research for health, please feel free to submit your
original, provocative, idealistic and passionate ideas on this year's theme,
taking established practices to task in a constructive fashion. You will
find the participation guidelines here:

What is the theme?
This year's competition focuses on "Innovating for the health of all".
"Innovation" encompasses the entire process from the generation of new
ideas, to their transformation into something useful, to their
implementation. Innovation for health includes the development of new and
more cost-effective services, products, methods, management practices and
policies to improve health outcomes. It involves both social and
technological innovation.

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What are the prizes?
The 40 most outstanding essays will be published in an anthology and the
authors are featured one by one on the Global Forum's home page throughout
the year. From these, five or six winners from different geographical
regions will be invited to Forum 2009, with all expenses paid (Havana, Cuba,
from 16 to 20 November). http://www.globalforumhealth.org/shlinks/f2009.php

Deadline: 3 May 2009
You can submit ur essay on

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