Sunday, November 9, 2008

OFID Scholarship Award 2009/10

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**OFID (The OPEC Fund for International Development) is pleased to announce
that qualified undergraduate students are welcome to apply for the OFID
Scholarship 2009/10. The OFID Scholarship will be awarded to support an
undergraduate student from any developing country, to pursue higher
education in a relevant field of development, in any recognized
university/college in the world. Through its scholarship scheme, OFID aims
to help highly motivated, highly driven individuals overcome one of the
biggest challenges to their careers – the cost of advanced professional or
graduate training. The winner of the OFID Award will receive a scholarship
of up to US$100,000 The funds will be spread over a maximum of two years,
toward the completion of a Master's degree, or its equivalent, at an
accredited educational institution, starting in the autumn of the academic
year 2009/10.
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Eligibility Criteria:
Disbursement of the Scholarship
*Required documents:

Eligible Countries



* To be eligible the candidate must meet ALL of the following criteria:* :

Must be between the ages of 23-32 at the time of submitting his/her

Must be a graduating student with a Baccalaureate from a four-year,
accredited college/university, or its equivalent.

Must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 rating system,
or its equivalent.

Must be matriculated at an accredited university for the upcoming academic
year starting September 2009, and must maintain full-time status for the
duration of the Masters Degree.

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Must be a national of a developing country (please see list of eligible

Must select a subject of study that pertains to OFID's core mission, such
as: economics of development (poverty reduction, energy and sustainable
development), environment (desertification), or other related science and
technology fields.

*PLEASE NOTE:* *Please read ALL of the directions below before proceeding
with the application process:*

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1. Applicants are responsible for gathering and submitting all necessary
information. Applications will be evaluated based on the information
provided. Therefore, all questions should be answered as thoroughly as
possible. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Once an
application has been submitted, no changes will be allowed on it.

2. OFID will not consider applications received through a third party.

3. Please do not call or email OFID to ask if your application has been
received, or to inquire about your status.

4. Please note that only the winner will be notified.

5. All materials submitted become the property of OFID and will not be
returned to the applicant.

6. Applicants must complete the on-line application form and essay
requirement, and must email the required materials to OFID's email address
provided below. All materials including the on-line application,
recommendations, and other required information must be received *no later
than March 31, 2009.*

Applicants should submit required documents via

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